SL320 Slide – Lift and Slide

Super smart and slim

SL320 is Aluminco’s new slide – lift and slide system that upgrades the basic functions of a sliding system and incorporates smart features previously held by higher-end systems.

The frame’s exceptional design, with straight fine lines perfectly matches current architectural trends that call for minimal design, ensures a lightweight system and comes out in a number of typologies that can cover a range of needs, suitable for large constructions as well.

With sliding and lift and slide mechanisms and a number of alternative solutions, it is the most suitable system for areas of warmer climate.

Features and Benefits

  • High level of aesthetic functionality.
  • Minimal style and straight lines in combination with the low threshold option of 30 mm height offer particularly elegant structures and facilitate the access.
  • Interlocking profile width of only 30 mm to maximize transparency and light penetration.
  • Meeting style width of only 70 mm.
  • The built-in handle at the junction point of the slim hook offers increased resistance to wind load.
  • Sash profiles for 45° and 90° assembling.
  • Wide range of configurations with sliding and Lift & Slide mechanisms.
  • Smooth and easy sliding.
  • Solutions for small, medium and large openings.


EN 12207 Air Permeability CLASS 4
EN 12208 Water Tightness CLASS 7A
EN 12210 Resistance to Wind Load CLASS C3/B4



  • Sliding:
    2 Sash sliding, 3 Sash sliding, 4 Sash double sliding, 6 Sash double sliding, 2 Sash sliding with insect screen
  • Pocket sliding:
    1 Sash – 2 Sash sliding glass, 1 Sash – 2 Sash sliding glass/insect screen, 1 Sash – 2 Sash sliding glass/shutter, 1 Sash – 2 Sash sliding glass/insect screen/shutter
  • Combinations:
    2 Sash sliding SL320 with opening W540, 2 Sash sliding with insect screen SL320 with opening W540, 3 Sash sliding SL320 with opening W540
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