W450 Tilt & Turn

Tilt & Turn Thermal Insulating System  for maximum energy saving.

W450 is a complete high-performance thermal insulation system meeting the needs for contemporary energy efficiency, sound reduction, aesthetics and safety.

This product line’s wide profile range offers a variety of functional and aesthetic options, from straight or curved cross sections, as well as the ability to manufacture complex typologies such as aller-retour doors, rotating pivot windows and «hidden sash» openings to achieve highquality aesthetics.

Features & Benefits

  • High thermal insulation
  • Exceptional water tightness and sound insulation
  • Superior safety due to the multiple perimetric locking
  • Option of using the CAMERA EUROPEA & CAMERA ALU 16 mechanisms (stainless steel locking mechanism on perimetric system).
  • Vast selection of profiles in straight and curved cross sections
  • Μulti-chamber central gasket that ensures optimum impermeability preventing energy loss.
  • Ability to manufacture with 45° cut-outs, but also snap-fit ones for excellent aesthetic effect inside the frame
  • “Curtain” gaskets that deliver extra thermal insulation.


> Casement-awning windows: 1Leaf – 2Leaf
> Shutters: 1Leaf – 2Leaf – 3Leaf – 4Leaf
> Doors: 1Leaf – 2Leaf – Tilt & Slide (VW)
> Angular structure: 90°-224°
> Fixed-picture windows
> Combinations: 2Leaf sliding SL2450, 2Leaf sliding with insect screen SL200



  • Min. face height: 102 mm
  • Frame height: 56 mm
  • Min. frame width: 74.5 mm
  • Sash height: (CE) – 74 mm / (ALU 16) – 76 mm
  • Sash width: 82 mm
  • Sash weight: up to 200 Kgr
  • Glass thickness: 37-66 mm
  • Insulation: Polyamides 39 mm, Neocoat EPS




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